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What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is safe and effective new way to remove unwanted body hair. Alexandria sugar is 100% natural. So natural that it is even edible! The key to sugaring is the actual process. The paste is applied to the skin gently with gloves instead of sticks and then it is removed by pulling it back up in the same direction of hair growth, no strips are used, and it is less painful. This prevents any form of cross contamination as the sugar paste is thrown away after each use. 





Pre-Treatment Directions:


-Please avoid the sun 24 hours before a sugaring or waxing appointment 

-Do not exfoliate or shave 24 hours before the treatment.

-Hair should be at least 1/8 to 1/4 inch long.

-Trim long hair down to ¼ inch (It will be less painful).






Post-Treatment Directions:


-Avoid direct heat such as hot baths, sun-beds, and sunbathing after the treatment.

-Do not rub, scratch, or exfoliate the skin after a treatment.

-Wear loose fitting clothing after a treatment. Tight garments may irritate the skin.

-Exercise should be done before and not after a treatment.

-Do not apply ointments or lotions that contain perfumes or dyes.

-Clients with sensitive skin should wait 4-6 before applying makeup. Others should wait at least 2-3 hours

-Depending on the area treated, do not engage in sexual activity for at least 24 hours.


Ingrown Hairs: To keep ingrown hairs at bay, exfoliate the skin at least once or twice a week. A good scrub will exfoliate and hydrate at the same time.  You should also use a hydrating cream after you exfoliate. Adding exfoliation as a regular part of your skin care regime will produce noticeable results in your skin tone.

How do I prepare for Sugaring?

What do I need to do for after the process?